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NOTE: The 2013-14 course approval is now open.

Oregon high schools use the Course Approval Process in order to ensure that courses for which students receive credit for meeting content standards are considered college prep level at the OUS institutions. Each year, schools are asked to update their courses in the course approval database. Representatives from each campus then review and either approve or do not approve courses. This is typically completed before the new year begins in order to allow schools to make adjustments to the course or student schedule in order for the student to meet college entry requirements. If you are the person responsible for updating course approval, you can log in to the site and will be taken to your courses for your school. The public can view any courses from any school that has data in Course Approval by using the Search feature.


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Click here for the technical assistance packet.

Parents/Students: Use the Search feature to view courses at your school that have been approved as meeting college admission requirements.

School Personnel: The login information was sent to the contact person at each school. If your school does not have a current login, contact Judith_Moll@ous.edu. Course approval functions as it did in years past. Schools should review courses in course approval and edit current courses and add new ones. New for this year is the ability to map to more than one standards area and to include notes along with your course updates.

School Administrators: The login information is the same as years past. New for this year is the ability to include notes to schools and to unverify courses if their status changes. Reviewers can also select different options, such as "In Progress" to let a school know that the course has been reviewed but not yet approved. This year's version also eliminates the NCAA option, as this information is being handled directly through NCAA.

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